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SEO Overview

When developing applications SEO needs to be considered at the design and development level, not an afterthought. Spending time and money on development and THEN going and hiring a SEO company is not a clever approach. considers SEO from the beginning and ensures that your app is ready for good search engine placement.

Correct Tags and Design

The correct meta tags and HTML tags are used to ensure that search engines crawling your application understand the content and keywords. In all cases if this is not considered as part of the application development you will need to rewrite your code base. Not smart.

Valid HTML

The application builder creates code that validates to HTML 5. This tells the search engines that you have a well designed site and confirm to industry standards.

Cool SEO Tools

The app builder has some very cool in-built tools to assist you when adding content. These include character counting when article writing to aim for good amounts of original content, full admin free text editing to ensure the unique of each and every page in the application and keyword density checkers to assist you in targeting the traffic you are after.

High Speed Apps

With the use of highly optimized database design and global content caching, builds very fast applications. Search engines like fast applications.

Integration in the Right Place

With integration into YouTube, Google Play, Google Plus and other important real estate, ensures that your application is OUT THERE and ready to be found.

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