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Getting the Edge with

Freelance development can be a competitive business. Developing on major platforms such as, Odesk, Elance etc requires a good set of tools to not only win that bid but also complete the project.

Competitive Bidding

The big win with is that you can deliver quality products and still compete. Freelance style markets are flooded with low skilled developers bidding below market rates in order to secure a contract. The reality is that they are unlikely to complete the project or have the technical skills to deliver a working solution. With you are able to compete with a lower than normal bid knowing that alot of the work has already been done for you with the platform.

Win with Instant Prototyping

Go in with a working version of the project requirements and you are sure to win against other freelancers.

Random Content Generation

We have developed a very advanced content generator to assist with developing prototypes. This is a huge advantage when bidding for projects with minutes to spare. This tool will generate and spin content. As an added bonus it will also search and upload public domain images to give your prototype a solid appearance.

Quote Generator

Not sure what to charge for an application built with Our invoice generator will analysis the components of your application and generate a software industry standard quote. Backup your bid with a quote that breaks down the development and deployment costings and you are on your way to winning that project.

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